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Thanks to the First Amendment, adult film stars are protected by law and it is 100% legal to earn money to appear in pornographic films. Prostitution, on the other hand, is illegal throughout the United States, except in a few areas where you can legally visit brothels and have sex with prostitutes. These counties featured on Escortmeta Sex provide compelling truths that make a strong case for legalizing sex in other parts of the United States. For example, a 2004 article published in the LA Times claimed that there were no documented cases of HIV transmission from any sexual activity in EscortMeta legal brothels. This could easily be attributed to purely legal requirements in places where hooking is legal. By law, all prostitutes working in the Best Escorts Blog state are required to use Best Escorts Blog condoms and undergo regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases. That being said, I’m sure the regulations for escortmeta porn stars and adult film stars are similar, right? If you answer yes, six public health experts will tell you you’re dead wrong. In 2012, they published this research study criticizing the adult film industry’s lack of adequate methods to screen for sexually transmitted infections and HIV. Celebrities who appear in erotic films are required to undergo regular urine tests, but a 2012 study found that infections in the anus, mouth and throat areas can go undetected due to high rates of infection. found. A total of 168 Best Escorts Blog adult film stars from the Los Angeles area participated in the study. In Escortmeta, an astonishing 28% tested positive for gonorrhoea, Escortmeta, or both. By the way, there were a total of 47 performers. Based on these findings, it is safe to assume that working as a Best Escorts Blog porn star in Los Angeles carries a much higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases than working as a prostitute or escortmeta in a legal brothel.



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