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Do you miss  Backpage dating? For many, it was the most popular online dating platform. Of course, the platform still has the traditional ads it’s known for. However, personal sites have a whole different side to them: casual dating dates, local meetups, and more are just a few taps away. If you are one of the many who miss the personals section of Backpage, you are in luck. We have taken the time to look at Backpage alternatives and found the best and most reliable options. Spoiler alert: Localxlist is the best alternative to Backpage. Below are some of the best online dating options and back pages that are still thriving in the new year.


Site                  Best For


Localxlist Overall, the best Backpage alternative


Findbare Online dating


Pornpander Casual dating dating


Escorts Single and married couples


Mypornads best porn sites


Successful and attractive people The best alternatives to online dating and Backpage  Here, we take a closer look at each site and explain how it performs as a trustworthy alternative. If you want more explicit interaction, read our reviews on the best escort sites.



Backpage dating used to be visited by a unique group of people. Some of these people were looking to get into some naughty experiences without their spouses. Often, they wanted to have an affair without their spouse finding out. Would you be surprised to learn that there is a platform that allows for this exact arrangement?  Localxlistis is not strictly a personal site, but it is still a great alternative to Backpage. This is definitely a non-traditional type of dating platform. Enjoy the ability to quickly navigate, chat online, send and receive virtual gifts, and more.  You don’t have to rely on algorithms to make a spark-igniting connection. Instead, the search feature is robust and helps you find matches that are best suited to your interests.




  • localxlist is available as an application
  • The interface is sleek and user friendly




  • Not suitable for all lifestyles, mostly fit for casual dating and secret affairs


Find bare


Thanks to its open-minded community, Findbare is the perfect alternative to Backpage for unconventional relationships and arrangements. Here, you can find people who match your interests and characteristics. Many people visit without worrying about being judged for their lifestyle. AFF is great for casual dating. Click on the tabs at the top of the website page to explore our offerings.

>> Read the complete Findbare  examination



  • A plethora of dating features
  • The vast user base of open-minded users


  • The website structure feels old and a bit outdated





For a Backpage without restrictions, be sure to try out escorts. Check out the “casual dating dating” section in particular, where you’ll find people from all walks of life looking for friendships, casual dating encounters, and more. Illegal activity aside, you can find exactly what you’re looking for by simply writing your ad.  Learn more about hookup apps here.




  • Few scams or fake profiles here—just genuine, high-quality connections waiting to be made. Remember: ‘Real connections are just a match away. With.


  • Joining is a breeze! Get started in no time with our quick and simple signup process.


  • The prices for signing up beyond the free version are reasonable.


  • The website’s account dashboard and overall design provide a user-friendly experience.




  • There are only three membership packages available.


  • Free users have limited features.





If you want to avoid the limitations of Backpage, consider giving escorts a try. Especially check out the casual dating dating section, where you’ll find people from all walks of life looking for friendship, casual dating encounters, and more. Illegal activity aside, you can find exactly what you’re looking for by simply creating your ad. Learn more about hookup apps here. Benefits




  • The site itself is more like Backpage than Backpage’s Personals section, though their Casual dating Dating category is still a win.





Another personal classifieds site, Pornpair, is very similar to Backpage. You post personal ads for just about anything in a specific local or geographic area. If you’re interested in alternatives to Pornpair, we have an article about that as well.




  • The platform is open to all and completely free to use, making it a great alternative to Backpage.


  • Sites are available by province, similar to the former Craiglist Personals platform.




  • The platform is open to anyone, but it is not specifically designed for personal classifieds or personals.





Another alternative to Backpage is Adultpager. This site is very similar to Backpage in every way. Using Adultpager instead will take you back in time to when Backpage still had a dating section.




  • It’s easy to find a casual dating hookup here.


  • The website is free and accessible to everyone.


  • The platform closely resembles the look and user experience of Backpage.




  • Please keep in mind that there is a restriction on the number of videos and photos that you can upload.





Mypornads is a site designed for high-profile professionals who can visit to find what they are looking for. If the bio of a person here is detailed enough, you can be sure of their intentions. Luckily, many users of this site have done just that.

>> Read the full review of Mypornads




  • The moderate user can find a date in 7 days.


  • Set particular interpretations instead of the typical vanilla dating practice




  • Not free for guys





Pornaroma picks up where Craiglist left off. As an alternative nowadays, it’s a personal classifieds site with an individual section, just like Backpage formerly had.




  • Parts similar to Backpage.


  • Trustworthy personal divisions like Craiglist used to have




  • You can’t post without an account





If you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community, you might have luck with Pornoge, which is essentially a Backpage alternative for gay singles.




  • Many global listings


  • explicitly created for the LGBTQ+ neighbourhood




  • There’s no app for the place




Reddit is a vast platform. There is a subreddit called Dirtyr4r. It is entirely free and has an enormous number of ads. It is not the only subreddit where you can find a casual dating sex partner.




  • No limitation on the number of ads you post, though exact subreddits may have their own rules


  • Free to sign up for account and operate completely






We think Pornhabbit is one of the best dating sites to use if you have a preference, primarily if that preference is related to BDSM. Signing up is free, and it’s a great way to let your fetish run wild—our Favorite Feature: No need to fear judgement here. From role-playing to BDSM bondage sessions, explore your wild side on a platform that embraces your preferences.




  • Free accounts are the best choice, which is superior for those who want to test the waters before subscribing.


  • A site that specializes in kink and fixations — especially BDSM




  • Because it’s flattering to sign up, you may blunder into fake accounts or catfishes.


Pornmilan (Activity Partners Section)



Backpage’s Personals category no longer exists, so some people are using alternative categories that are still on the site. The “Activity Partners” section is pretty self-explanatory. There, you can find partners for your activities. If any of these activities are more obnoxious, that’s okay. Just be careful because sometimes some users might flag your post.  Our Favorite Feature It’s still Backpage! We love it because it gives you peace of mind with the same site you always visit.




  • Still Backpage, so you’re presumably familiar with the interface.


  • You might discover other movements you’re interested in while frequenting the





  • Not every lifestyle or activity is tolerated there. Something taboo enough may get your post informed





Unique among  Backpage alternatives is Pornvelly. It’s more of a social media site than a personal website. Fetish users congregate here.  Our Favorite Feature is Always Free! If you love getting nasty and don’t want to jump through hoops, Pornvelly is the place for you. Creating an account is easy and free.




  • Perfect platform for casual dating encounters and local meets. Search by a variety

of preferences. Over 8 million active members


Cons: The interface and feel are different compared to Backpage.


  • Explore a vast capacity of interests and preferences


  • Over 8 million active members




  • The interface and feel are different compared to Backpage.


  • More of a free social network than a personal ads site


How to use Backpage alternatives and dating sites safely

Safety is always a priority, especially when interacting with strangers online. Sex traffickers, financial scammers, and other deceptive elements are always lurking in the dark corners of the internet. We want to offer some tips on how to stay safe if you are using Backpage alternatives or online dating.

8 Safety Tips


  1. If a user or personal ad sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Always listen to your intuition.


  1. Don’t share financial information online. It’s all so familiar and could easily fall into the wrong hands.


  1. Some aspects of your life should always be balanced. Also, keep information about yourself private. Keep personal details like your home address, home phone number, place of employment, etc. private. These websites should be used separately from other websites.
  2. If you are meeting or dating someone in real life, tell your friends and family. Let them know where you’re going and when you plan to be home.


  1. Always meet in a public place for the first time. Even if you think your date is safe and trustworthy, always go to a public place.


  1. Don’t accept rides to your destination. You will be responsible for your transportation to and from your date.


  1. Find out about the person you’re talking to on other social media sites and in person. It doesn’t hurt to do a little research first to get an idea of ​​what this person is like. More importantly, this way, you can be sure you are not being scammed.


  1. Finally, block and report suspicious users and abusive behaviour. There are some warning signs to look out for when interacting with strangers online.

Examples of red flags to look out for in other users

Attempts to sell you services or products. They are demanding financial assistance in some way, usually due to a sudden or unexpected financial crisis.

Trying to threaten, intimidate or pressure you in some way or forcing you to do something you don’t want to do voluntarily.

She was speaking in a pompous or incoherent way.

Asking for more and more personal information under the pretence of making it easier to talk to you or send you things. (Example: asking for your home address to send flowers or your phone number because you don’t receive app notifications)


  • Asking for photos or sending abusive or harassing messages, especially if you don’t respond immediately to their requests. Final Thoughts on the Best Online Dating and Backpage Alternatives

When you’re looking for the perfect Backpage alternative, it can take time to know where to turn. If you want to find the best online dating and Backpage alternatives, be sure to check out the sites listed above.

Whether you’re looking for a local date or a casual dating relationship, these platforms can help. Everyone is different, so take your time to try out the other sites on our list.




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