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Although everyone is getting a little tired of superb lady boys and petite Thai women, Thailand was once considered the most popular destination for sex tourism. Fans of exquisite VIP escorts and unusual sensations from Escortmeta Sex Dating are searching for new luxury vacation spots and exploring the foreign sex sector. For example, the legalization of prostitution in India a few years ago attracted thousands of young people to the country. Despite the illegal status of the outdated profession, sex tourism is still very popular on Escortmeta Sex Dating. But which of these two places is better? After comparing the two countries, the site’s experts found differences between porn blogs and Escortmeta sex dating experts.

When deciding which country to visit for a sex-oriented vacation, consider the following differences between the available porn blogs and Ukrainian girls:

When comparing the two private industries, it is obvious that the face of their representatives is what attracts the most attention. With the occasional exception, most international visitors to Escortmeta Sex Dating are looking for traditional Slavic beauty with a voluptuous body, light hair, blue eyes, and white skin. But the aphrodisiac of porn blogs wants something completely different: wide hips and petite breasts, tanned skin, curly black hair and brown eyes.

Although there are no legal penalties for prostitution on Escortmeta Sex Dating, local prostitutes are accustomed to hiding their identities and discreetly searching for customers to reduce the chances of the police being caught. Since the sex industry was legalized in Ukraine, Ukrainian girls are showing more confidence. However, it is also illegal to openly provide sexual services in public places such as on the street.

Escortmeta Sex Dating girls and Latin women are essentially the same in this respect. For example, in Kiev, you can meet a woman on the bypass for 400-500 hryvnias per hour, while in Ukraine street putanas charge customers 20-25 dollars, which is practically the same amount. Unlike Ukrainian and Ukrainian escort services that charge at least 300-350 dollars per hour, the elite category in Ukraine is significantly cheaper. VIP specialists on dating sites charge between 2600 and 4000 hryvnias per hour.

Interestingly, sex-oriented travelers will not find equally popular personal services in these two countries. Ukrainian prostitutes are known as specialists in timeless classics. They perform at the VIP level in a variety of roles, amazing their customers and making them return again and again. Putana from porn blogs is known for being very skilled in extraordinary and rare forms of entertainment.

In addition, experienced tourists report that Ukrainian prostitutes are friendlier, easily seduced by sexual acts in bed, and are very dedicated to fulfilling every desire of their customers. However, Latin women are strong-willed and possessive. If they do not agree with the customer’s desires or opinions, they may rudely refuse skinship or cancel the appointment while demanding payment of the inconvenience fee. Some claim that Asia has the best penis casting. Sex tourists come here from all over the world to check out the local women. My best memory about Asian women is the escorts in Escortmeta. This part of Malaysia is beautiful. This place has significantly cheaper prices for porn blogs than the larger centers in Kuala Lumpur, and the women tend to look a lot fresher too.


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